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Handcrafted mini fairy bottle necklaces_Dark blue glitter + anchor
Handcrafted mini fairy bottle necklaces_Dark blue glitter + anchor
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Handcrafted mini fairy bottle necklaces

Filler + Charm choice:
Dark blue glitter + anchor
Dark blue glitter + anchor
Dark blue glitter + crown
Dark blue glitter + eiffel tower
Dark blue glitter + feather
Dark blue glitter + hamsa hand
Dark blue glitter + key
Dark blue glitter + moon
Dark blue glitter + snowflake
Dark blue glitter + star
Gold sequins + anchor
Gold sequins + crown
Gold sequins + eiffel tower
Gold sequins + feather
Gold sequins + hamsa hand
Gold sequins + key
Gold sequins + moon
Gold sequins + snowflake
Gold sequins + star
Mild gold glitter + anchor
Mild gold glitter + crown
Mild gold glitter + eiffel tower
Mild gold glitter + feather
Mild gold glitter + hamsa hand
Mild gold glitter + key
Mild gold glitter + moon
Mild gold glitter + snowflake
Mild gold glitter + star
Pink glitter + anchor
Pink glitter + crown
Pink glitter + eiffel tower
Pink glitter + feather
Pink glitter + hamsa hand
Pink glitter + key
Pink glitter + moon
Pink glitter + snowflake
Pink glitter + star
Purple glitter + anchor
Purple glitter + crown
Purple glitter + eiffel tower
Purple glitter + feather
Purple glitter + hamsa hand
Purple glitter + key
Purple glitter + moon
Purple glitter + snowflake
Purple glitter + star
Red glitter + anchor
Red glitter + crown
Red glitter + eiffel tower
Red glitter + feather
Red glitter + hamsa hand
Red glitter + key
Red glitter + moon
Red glitter + snowflake
Red glitter + star
Silver glitter + anchor
Silver glitter + crown
Silver glitter + eiffel tower
Silver glitter + feather
Silver glitter + hamsa hand
Silver glitter + key
Silver glitter + moon
Silver glitter + snowflake
Turquoise glitter + anchor
Turquoise glitter + crown
Turquoise glitter + eiffel tower
Turquoise glitter + feather
Turquoise glitter + hamsa hand
Turquoise glitter + key
Turquoise glitter + moon
Turquoise glitter + snowflake
Turquoise glitter + star
White glitter + anchor
White glitter + crown
White glitter + eiffel tower
White glitter + feather
White glitter + hamsa hand
White glitter + key
White glitter + moon
White glitter + snowflake
White glitter + star
Product Description

Fun new shapes and shiny new fillers! ???? A freshly crafted new batch of the mini bottle necklaces! ✨ Each piece is handmade by me with materials sourced worldwide! On purchasing this, not only are you buying yourself a unique necklace but also supporting small manufacturers and local brands in India, sustaining the craft industry????! Pendant height : 3 cm Pendant material : Glass Necklace length (including hooks) : 45 cm Necklace material : 925 sterling silver Adjustable : No


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